"I've been using it for a few days now and the product is very smooth and applies very easily to my hair, which is great. It leaves my hair feeling really soft and bouncy. It seems to be working really well with my hair so far. I've been using Mourmour creme on my own hair and I apply once a day, either in the morning or at night before I go to bed and the tub hasn't finished yet. I've recommended it to friends and family who are also looking for healthy hair products. It the short time that I've been using Mourmour creme, I've noticed that my hair is softer and more moisturised, so I'm happy with the results so far. Overall, it seems like a great product!"


- Ithiopia


"I just wanted to give you a very quick review of my mour mour creme. I gave away the peach and shea mour as presents but I kept the mint for personal use. I've been using Shea butter and whipped Shea butter for some time so I have pretty good expectations of what it should do for my hair. The mint mour smelt heavenly, mint is one of my favourite smells so I would most likely repurchase the mint mour. I love the way that when I used it my hair was instantly soft and shiny. It also didn't leave any little bit of residue that you can sometimes get with Shea butter. Most importantly it smelt like mint so my hair smelt amazing"




"I usually wear wigs so before I went out last night I used it to Grease my scalp and when I unravelled my twists for wash day today my hair was super soft and moisturised which was great. When I finishe

d my wash routine i went to put it on my scalp and at first I was a bit hesitant because it felt like it wasn't moving like my older hair butter but when I left it 5 minutes if melted perfectly. I usually cornrow my hair dry as it get tangled wet but after putting Mour creme on my scalp my hair wasn't tangled and I was able to section and plait down all my hair and my scalp wasn't itchy and my hair was soft and glowy! Look forward to using it on my Sunday wash days"


Thanks Hun I love it & think the ladies will love it.

-My Chocobelle Box, CEO


"I have thick natural hair that I keep braided underneath the wigs I wear. I can admit that sometimes when changing my wigs and weaves, I forget to look after my natural hair. Using Mour Mour Crème helped me to look after my natural hair. My hair gets tangled easily whenever I take out my cornrows but since using the natural hair butter my hair has been soft and silky. I’m also impressed by Mour Mour Cremes scent. The mint smell had my hair smelling heavenly. I’m really impressed and I will be incorporating Mour Mour Crème into my natural hair regimen and you should too ;) "


-Ella December



This product is amazing. I have curly hair and maintaining it is a nightmare: too much product makes it greasy and messes up my curls and too little and my hair looks dry. With this product finding the balance was easy. I applied after washing my hair and not only was it instantly moisturised but it remained so for a lot longer than I expected. Also I only needed to apply the smallest amount for the desired results! Other benefits include reduced frizz and my curls seem more intact surprisingly.




"I was given the Mour Mour Shea butter cream which I used on myself every night after spritzing with my shampoo and conditioner which had been diluted with water and applied it all over my scalp and on the hair on the perimeter of my head (my edges) as they were weak. I removed the twists in that area everyday and retwisted them with the moisturiser on my fingertips and then wrapped my hair and went to bed. When I did retwist my hair I noticed that it made the strands look a lot shiner than normal and my curls were literally popping (a little looser but still springy (so less frizz but it looked like a lot more than that was going on) but they were very defined in a twist out), but the shine was only there if I wore a scarf to wrap my hair afterwards, otherwise my hair would look normal as pictured before. From using this product my hair did feel a lot thicker and it wasn't fragile at all, but I knew it was definitely healthier as areas of my hair which was previously not that springy due to heat damage from previous styles were a lot springier and had a lot of shrinkage after being spritzed with water, meaning that health came back to my previously dead hair. My scalp was not itchy when I used this product, which is a problem I have a lot, but there wasn't much difference overall in how it felt, it was just well moisturised without it being greasy as although the consistency of the product was very thick and rich it didn't leave any residue anywhere like your typical Afro hair product which was a pro for me, and the richness meant that it lasts a long time as I've still got about 3/5ths of the product left. I'd recommend this to a friend or a family member, especially those with weak hair, although I may suggest the mango one if you aren't keen on slightly strong scents, however the smell does go within 30 minutes so it isn't really a big deal if you are like me and like your hair smelling like your shampoo/conditioner. And this product is great as a moisturiser for grip whilst braiding the hair or twisting or styling without the hair feeling brittle or too oily. And finally a huge thank you to the Mour Mour Creme company and their very lovely customer service, for letting me trial this product and I will definitely be back for Christmas orders for gifts for my thin edged family members X”


- Tomiwa O.


"I only used this product once a day because it kept my hair moisturised for the whole day for four days since I started using it on the 5th. The trial tub isn't even half way finished because I only ever needed a small amount the minute you put some in your hand it melts straight away and it isn't too light which is good because I have thick long hair and yes I would most definitely recommend it. I tend have really dry hair and not many products moisturise my hair properly but this product definitely does the job and my hair is relaxed so it works just as well on relaxed hair as it does on natural type hair. There isn't anything I would improve or change about this product I love it's pudding type texture."





"I was truly amazed at the immediate results I saw after using MourMour coconut oil & mint l treatment! My hair doesn't usually lock in moisture but one I conditioned my hair with the hot oil treatment it left my hair very moisturised and soft. Even once I blow dried it, it was easy to manage and still shiny and soft. My scalp was no longer as itchy as it used to be and I went a week longer without washing my hair than I normally do! On top of that, the smell is also sweet but not overbearing. I would recommend you use it regularly to keep that shine and manageability.


The Hot Oil Treatment was easy to apply and after half an hour off steaming my hair under the hooded hairdryer, my hair was soft and I had lush defined natural curls. I then conditioned my hair with the conditioner provided and was pleasantly surprised with the softness.


I'm not usually a person who treats their hair or indulges in anything more than a co wash every two weeks or so. So I must say I was pretty sceptical when it came to using Mour Mour hot oil treatment. Firstly, it comes in a cute bottle and it is also supplied with a pipette. The pipette makes it extremely easy to apply the treatment. So after co-washing my hair I heated the treatment (I placed the container into hot water) and put it all over my damp hair. I covered it with cling film and a shower cap and steamed my hair for roughly 45 mins. So after washing my hair I felt a difference in my hair immediately. My hair was softer in texture and moisturised. I thought the feeling would go once I'd dried it, it didn't. My hair was luxurious and soft I would definitely recommend Mour Mour creme's hot oil treatment. Definitely a treat for your hair!"




"I loveeeeee what Mour Mour Creme has done for my whole hairs lifestyle. My favourite thing to use is the Mour Avacado Oil hair spray. It's easy to use and has helped when it comes to soothing my itchy scalp. At night I tend to use it with my Mour Mango which allows me to have ease when doing my hair in the morning. I prefer the whipped texture of the creme as its not to thick for my hair type (being relaxed). Mour Mour as a whole has taught me how to look after my hair e.g protective styles & hot oil treatments which is why I believe I'm getting amazing regrowth. & my edges are coming back !!!"




"You sent me Mour Mour mango which I loved! The cream was originally for me but it was so good I let my mum try a little. I used the cream every morning before I put my wig on, my hair was literally moisturised even when I got home from work at 11pm which surprised me because I suffer from dry hair and scalp and this cream literally cured it. I love this cream, I recently did the big chop and I didn't like how my hair looked and then when I used the cream it showed my curl definition. I was even comfortable to take a picture and post it on my social media. I would recommend it to a friend and I already have recommended it to my colleagues at work. It is extremely affordable especially for the quality and I will be buying more next week"


-Tiara Oki


"The product was for myself and I used it on a daily basis. I still have half of my tub left as I use it to soothed my scalp and I put some on my hair before styling. I would recommend it to a friend as I see a lot of students in university talking about what cream they use and I feel like MourMour would benefit us all as it is affordable and does the job. My scalp feels more relaxed and my hair looks and feels more bouncier. The only thing I have to say about the experience is that I couldn't really spell the Mango in the cream. I'm not sure if this was just my mix or if it was to do with anything else, but i think that the smell could have been stronger"



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