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Hello, Welcome to My Page.


God gave me a Princess and I named her Amour.


Making my own hair crème was inspired by my daughter. I wanted to support her hair growth with all natural ingredients. This means no added chemicals. 3 months from birth her hair started to rub out and become extremely dry, eventually she became pretty much bald, all over. I needed something that would help her hair flourish and include moisture.

I searched high and low, looking for natural products at a reasonable price. After some research I decided to make my own hair crème for her. With a lot of trial and error I have my own natural, affordable but very affective hair care line.




MourMourCreme is a homemade Hair, Beard & Body Treatment service made to your specific needs. We specialise in hair cell stimulation and enhancing the health of your hair using only raw, unrefined & natural ingredients.


Our products are for all hair types and suitable for babies, children & Adults.

Hair types including 3A to the coarsest yet still amazing 4C.


At MourMourCreme we pride ourselves in being homemade, this means from the deluxe hair treatments to the labels, it is all made in the warmth of our family home.


Inspired by Amour, made with Guidance, sent with Blessings.


Do not hesitate to contact us regarding any personal hair advice: mour@mourmourcreme.com


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